“Music, Comedy and Film inspire us and get our creative juices flowing.”

Michael Marsh
Creative Director / Web Developer / Video Editor / Digital Retoucher / Comedy Writer

Michael started designing in 1997 when he worked for Disney.  You can see some of his work in “Disney’s The Lion King” on Broadway.  Michael then worked in film and television. From independent films to News 12 Long Island.  He developed various animation for on air to inside custom cars to show off at “Hot Import Nights.”

Michael always had a love of humor and comedy.  He tried stand up in the mid nineties but decided to write comedy with the help of photoshop to illustrate the jokes. You might have seen his work when he was coming up with material for the “Opie & Anthony” show that ran from 2004.  Michael’s comedy can now be see at the “National Lampoon.”

Web development and technology drives Michael’s thought process. Using the latest techniques in coding to photoshop to develop looks and concepts he is constantly coming up with new ideas. Fandustry.com which was built in 2011 was the first of the sites that run today under MNM Media. Sports Signal and PopUCulture are newer products based on the original concept.  Each project serves a purpose.

PopUCulture, Fandustry and Sports Signal are part of MNM Media

MNM Media was started in 1997 and Michael Marsh had a vision of designing across multiple platforms. Technology and creativity play a huge role in the concepts of MNM Media.

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