Project: Viral Coaster

Viral Coaster is the newest addition to the ongoing MNM Project.  Each time I build a project I push the boundary more with new ideas.  This project is all about viral media and what people gravitate towards.  Back in 1996 I had an idea for a senior project at Pratt Institute.  I was a fine arts major and for my sculpture class I decided to build illusions, to see how people would react if they did not completely understand what they saw.  Some people decided to figure out how the illusion was created while others just made dumb observations. The ones that made the dumb observations did not want to accept the fact that the illusion was trickery that they could not figure out.

Viral media is viewed 24/7 around the world and soon Viral Coaster will measure the appeal in social media.  We will soon welcome everyone to the new site.

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